“PiacTárs - Priority project to motivate social enterprises in the interest of a sustainable and competitive social economy


The basic aim of GINOP-5.1.2-15-2016-00001 PiacTárs priority project is to help create new social enterprises and develop already existing social enterprises if the organizations contribute to the employment of disadvantaged, unemployed and inactive people.

Social enterprises are organizations (social cooperatives, foundations, associations, non-profit corporations or religious legal entities) that have business goals in addition to their social goals.  As social enterprises are important employers, we need to strengthen their market sustainability.

PiacTárs priority project provides social enterprises with free services that lay the foundations for a stable business environment for organizations and provides them with a competitive and sustainable market activity.

The services of PiacTárs priority project for social enterprises:

♣   Professional assistance

♣   Business advisory services and mentoring

♣   Network meetings, professional events

♣   Professional meetings that generate sectoral co-operation

♣   Online marketplace and new business partner finding services

♣   Information (professional analysis, research) and methodological manuals, publications

♣   E-learning based training

♣   Support in gaining market share and expansion (conference and exhibition appearance)

♣   Added Local Value Award

♣   Targeted marketing, PR and media releases, website and newsletter services