The regional professional staff of OFA Nonprofit Ltd. provide general professional advisory services for social enterprises that wish to apply for the GINOP-5.1.3.-16 project and who have already received support.

Our advisory staff is available to help with the establishment, operation and social enhancement of social enterprises, as well as with issues regarding project generation and implementation.

The priority project supports social enterprises that:

•     have a registered office in the Central Hungarian region,

•     the project is implemented in one of the less developed regions or operates in a settlement far away from regional offices

The professional advisory services can be used continuously and free of charge throughout the entire duration of the project, which can be accessed in person at the Budapest-based and regional customer service offices of OFA Nonprofit Ltd. or at your registered office and premises.

Also, you can contact our colleagues via phone and email (

The advisory services may be consulted by any partner who already runs or wishes to start a social enterprise. On request we provide both individual and group advice.


OFA Nonprofit Ltd. helps to manage the specific problems of its partners with free speciality advice. If the solution of the given issue or problem requires a higher level of professional expertise, it is possible to involve external experts to increase efficiency.

External consultants provide advice on legal and financial issues, organization development, entrepreneurship, embedding into community, resource diversification, CSR practices, and equal opportunities among other things.

The aim of the speciality advisory services:

•     to support the legal and regular implementation of projects under GINOP-5.1.3-16,

•     to improve and strengthen  managerial, professional implementation and organizational competences at the target group's organizations.

In all cases, advisory services can be requested by the regional professional associate in a documented form, implemented under the supervision and possibly personal participation of the regional professional staff.

The priority project intends to take account of the needs of social enterprises and therefore, to respond flexibly to their feedback and to meet the additional needs that may arise during implementation, the advisory capacities can be further expanded.

The specialist consultants available in the GINOP-5.1.2-15-2016-00001 project will, beyond the advisory visits, provide comprehensive knowledge and answers to emerging questions through lectures at network meetings and other regional or nationwide events.


Appreciation of quality i.e. feedback on social enterprises!

OFA Nonprofit Ltd. announced and implemented the Added Local Value Award in 2015 as a pilot within the framework of the KoopeRáció+  priority project. With the intention to make a tradition out of it, on a yearly basis  - in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 - the award project plays a key role in the GINOP-5.1.2-15 "Motivation of Social Enterprises" priority project.

The aim of the Added Local Value Award is to demonstrate that social enterprises in the social economy are definitely worthy of knowing and acknowledging distributing and purchasing their products and services beyond the confines of the settlement and the micro region.

The award, on the one hand, draws attention to the fact that social enterprises are, on the basis of their achievements so far, highly relevant and distinguished market actors as they are able to offer quality to their customers, safety to their members on the basis of their earnings and a predictable future to our environment.

On the other hand, the award acknowledges the human factors  and achievements of sustainability, the assurances that help to reach the goals presented.


Network Round Trips

Experience exchange, development and collaboration opportunities in the course of an authentic on-site experience.

Network round trips will be implemented under the priority project GINOP-5.1.2-15-2016-00001 "PiacTárs - Priority Project for Encouraging Social Businesses for a Sustainable and Competitive Social Economy", which will enable organizations that are new or formerly established to visit each other, gain and share experience, and build relationships.

Social enterprises can take part in the two-day visits.

Network round trips are usually preceded by needs assessment that will show which social enterprises want to receive visitors in order to show their activity and their organization, and to participate as visitors in the network round trips. During the trips the participating organizations already have a chance to get acquainted with individual organizations in the form of a “tour conference”, and then at the stations they can learn about the good practices, activities and premises of the host organization.

OFA Nonprofit Ltd. provides the presence of two professional colleagues for the entire duration of the trip who offer direct professional advice to the travelers on questions arising about open tender opportunities.

Participation in the network round trip includes travel, boarding and accommodation free of charge and the expenses of the host organizations are also covered by OFA Nonprofit Ltd.

Regional professional events

OFA Nonprofit Ltd., through the organization of series of regional professional events, provides help to applicants of tenders to have clear and professional information on the aims of the calls, the professional support system and future professional developments planned for social enterprises. Participants at the events will get a comprehensive view of the set of (pre)qualification criteria, which is based on business and social utility.

Knowledge Expansion

In the course of Knowledge Expansion, organised by OFA Nonprofit Ltd., trainers and specialist lecturers of the given fields provide comprehensive and more profound knowledge to social enterprises on a number of topics that address their sustainable operation.


The online services available on the website of GINOP-5.1.2-15 "PiacTárs" priority project provide advertising space for the products and services of social enterprises. With the help of this surface, you can make offers if you have free capacities or ask for support and contributions from other social businesses. If you are looking for a partner for the realization of your new project, the surface is suitable for sharing your project idea.


GINOP-5.1.2-15 "PiacTárs" priority project has created expert methodological manuals for social enterprises, which, among other things, helps to comply with the current legal environment and financial requirements. The methodological manual draws attention to the importance of impact measurement and provides methodological assistance to its implementation as well as informs about a number of opportunities beyond the scope of grants to establish a stable operation.

The methodological manual for for-profit businesses demonstrates why social responsibility is beneficial to them, and models how social enterprises work.

The methodological manual for public sector organizations details areas and sectors where the cooperation between social enterprises and public sector is fruitful, demonstrates how social enterprises are involved, how they complement and further develop the services provided by the public sector. The methodological manuals are reviewed every two years. E-learning materials help understand the contents of the manual.


The basic research on social enterprises conducted under GINOP-5.1.2-15 "PiacTárs" priority project is the first one of this nature in this country. The aim of the basic research is to provide a comprehensive, systematic picture of domestic social enterprises for social entrepreneurs, policy making organizations, educational institutions and related for-profit organizations. The research provides data on the number of social enterprises, the actively operating and only administratively existing ones, the economic performance of the sector, its employment and economic potential, the territorial and sectoral distribution of social enterprises and the added social values ​​created by the sector. The research explores the distribution of the different types of social enterprises, their activity profiles, their source acquisition / distribution practices, identifies their activities, their results, their network systems and their typical motivation for setting up their business. A part of the research explores the difficulties, major risk and success factors as well as development areas of social enterprises.